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Offering High-Quality Concrete Paving Solutions for Industrial and Commerical Projects

With more than 25 years of experience, RoadSeal has been servicing various commercial, industrial and civil sectors in Melbourne and its surroundings. We work on highly sustainable and environment-friendly models of work ethic helping keep the community moving with various projects finished end-to-end.

We have been offering various concrete solutions across commercial, industrial, and residential sectors having constructed many driveways, carparks, pavements, roads, and outdoor spaces. As a renowned concrete paving company, we have experience in servicing all kinds of clients with the most premium quality.

With the best quality machines and raw materials on our panel, we offer unparalleled service efficiency, making sure every deliverable is as well-finished as it is high in resilience.

Why Choose Us for Concreting Services

25 Years experience
Integrated Management System
Safety 24/7
Quality Workmanship

Experts in Concrete Paving Services with years of experience

Our reliable team has experts who can help you construct highly functional pavings as per your unique design requirement. Our expert engineer will help you build a design that meets your purposes of functionality and ease your operations whilst offering unique space options. We understand your budgets and work to allocate all resources accordingly at the same time delivering within the stipulated time to make sure your timelines are properly maintained for everything.

Our Services

We put safety and sustainability at the forefront of everything we do, recycling the dig outs as well as screening and repurposing clean fill where possible. We do what it takes to make sure the roads you drive on are safe and our environment remains well protected.



We provide asphalt and bitumen spraying services for industrial and commercial projects



We have a wealth of expertise with a wide range of Sprayseal works.



When required, well designed, first-rate drainage is essential to the long term performance of the project



With our extensive portfolio of successfully completed projects, we have the experience to deliver your job on time,

What Makes Road Seal The Number One Choice for Concrete Paving in Melbourne

As well established concrete paving contractors, our clients repeatedly come back to us for various projects. We can proudly say that our tribe of satisfied clients is only growing and some of the reasons for it include:

  • Highly efficient and functional design options allowing to showcase versatility in both applications and looks.
  • We deliver within and even before the stipulated time to make sure all our planned timelines move as per your priority.
  • Having been in the industry for more than 25 years, we understand how to deliver each project with precision and diligence.
  • We adhere to all safety norms and protocols as issued in the advisory by the authorities to ensure safety for our workers and protect them from any health hazards.
  • We use materials and tools that are high-quality and sustainable to cause minimal to no damage to the environment in our process of construction while ensuring effectiveness of work.

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