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Wet Equipment Hire in Melbourne

At Roadseal Civil, we offer our clients a wide range of expert wet equipment hire services in Melbourne. Our fleet of equipment and machinery are top-of-the-line, and all our operators are qualified and trained to handle them efficiently.
With over twenty-five years of experience, we have gathered the expertise and knowledge to provide premium quality excavation services to all our clients. We work with experienced professionals with extensive industry experience to ensure the seamless execution of services.

Hire Excavators Melbourne

Excavators are popular wet equipment hire in Melbourne as they are highly versatile and can accomplish several earthmoving tasks. Moreover, excavators are compatible with a vast range of additional attachments and are available in sizes ranging from 1.5 to 300 tonnes.


  • Commercial and residential earthmoving
  • Civil excavations
  • Site mapping
  • Trenching
  • Digging

Hire Grader Melbourne

Graders are another popular wet equipment hire service in Melbourne, used extensively in the construction industry. The blades of the grader help the construction crew evenly spread material, give it shape and even scrape off the excess stuff.


  • Construction of new roads
  • Site stripping
  • Scraping excess material
  • Uniformly levelling material
  • Maintaining old roads

Hire Skidsteers Melbourne

Skidsteer loader, better known as bobcat, is a highly versatile wet equipment hire service in Melbourne for earthmoving purposes. They are often used on excavation sites to cover various jobs like loading, shifting and clean-up.


  • Levelling the site
  • Spreading materials such as sand, mulch and topsoil
  • General onsite clean-up
  • Loading materials into waste bins or tip trucks
Civil Construction Melbourne | Roadseal Civil

Hire Tippers Melbourne

Tippers have various applications on excavation and earthmoving sites, such as transporting and unloading materials from one place to another. Hence, it is a widely availed wet equipment hire service in Melbourne.


  • Moving and unloading materials such as sand, gravel, mulch and topsoil
  • Transporting the debris for proper disposal
  • Transferring mud, dirt etc. from one site to another
  • Carrying bulk loads across rough terrains

Hire Asphalt Flocons Melbourne

Asphalt flocons can often store and keep asphalt hot for up to a few hours. Hence, it is a commonly availed wet hire service in Melbourne for projects like road construction and maintenance, pavement laying, and more


  • Storing and keeping asphalt hot for up to a few hours
  • For transporting hot asphalt
  • Carrying tools such as rakes, shovels
  • Provision for a pump and spray mechanism onboard
  • Towing plant trailers
Civil Construction Melbourne | Roadseal Civil

Hire Water Trucks Melbourne

Water trucks, as the name suggests, are used to transport large amounts of water. They are equipped with hydraulic systems and spray nozzles. These trucks find several applications, especially in construction and excavation sites that require vast amounts of water. Hence, they are a widely used wet equipment hire service at earthmoving projects in Melbourne.


  • Supplying water for material compaction purposes
  • Washing dirt off public roads
  • Supplying water where it is not available readily
  • Providing dust suppression for site management

Hire Roadsaws Melbourne

Roadsaws are a popular wet equipment hire service in Melbourne, especially in earthmoving sites, because they can quickly cut through hard surfaces such as concrete, asphalt, tiles, bricks and other solid surfaces.


  • Road maintenance constructions
  • Road cutting at airports
  • Burying communication engineering wires
  • Cutting damaged sections of roads and pavements
Why Use Our Wet Equipment Hire Services?

We have been in business for more than twenty-five years. We have always dedicated ourselves to building our reputation by delivering quality wet equipment hire services in Melbourne. Here are some reasons why our clients rely on our services.

High-Quality, Affordable Services

At Roadseal Civil, we have been offering wet equipment hire services in Melbourne at highly competitive prices. We employ a full range of equipment and certified operators to provide affordable and high-quality residential and commercial earthmoving and excavation services.

Wide Range of Equipment to Choose From

Our clients can choose from a wide selection of earthmoving and excavation equipment for their projects. We offer a highly competitive pricing structure for our wet equipment hire services in Melbourne. Call our experts for the timely and hassle-free execution of your earthmoving and digging projects.

Qualified & Experienced Operators

All our operators are certified and experienced in efficiently handling our range of equipment. We are constantly training and upskilling to ensure that we are up-to-date with the latest legal and safety guidelines.

One-Stop Solutions

We are committed to meeting all your requirements and needs from the project and making the process seamless and hassle-free for you. Hence, we offer a wide range of earthmoving and excavation services, so you don’t have to provide complete solutions that exceed your expectations.

Call Us for Your Wet Excavation Projects

Whether an earthmoving or excavation project, we are more than capable of handling it efficiently and effectively. Our team is constantly training to keep up with the latest legal and safety protocols for a hassle-free dig.

You can trust our experts if you are looking for affordable wet equipment hire services in Melbourne. From digging for post holes to site excavation and levelling, we will help you get the job done at highly competitive prices and within optimal time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between wet and dry hire?

In a dry hire, you only rent the machinery or equipment & you have to operate it yourself. On the other hand, in a wet hire, an operator comes along with the hired machinery or equipment to handle them correctly and efficiently.

What does excavator wet hire mean?

When you opt for an excavator wet hire, an operator will come along with the equipment and handle it, so your job gets done efficiently.

What is wet equipment?

Wet equipment hiring is like a package service. When you opt for it, we will decide upon a price with you, depending on various factors, such as the size and type of your project, the kind of equipment, the number of days you’ll be hiring it, and more. We will then deliver the pre-decided equipment to your site with the operators to handle them.

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